Pre-Ramadan brunch

Cheesbu Biscoff Hotcakes
Middle Eastern style deep fried hotcakes filled with melted cheese, drizzled with biscoff sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream.
Rustic Ricotta Bread
Sourdough toast topped with ricotta, honey, caramelised banana and fresh figs.
Vanilla Oats
Warm vanilla oats topped with caramelised banana, fresh figs, berry compit and a drizzle of honey.
Falafel Tacos
Diced tomato and onion salsa, fresh parsley, falafel topped with homemade tahini dressing.
Shanglish Fritters
Shanglish and zatar fritters served on a bed of fresh watermelon topped with poached egg.
Baked Red Peppers
Oven baked red peppers filled with minced meat, home-made napolitana sauce topped with mozzarella and shangiish cheese.
Chili Prawn Fatteh
Soft Lebanese bread topped with chickpeas, lemon and mint yoghurt, sizzling chili prawns and pine nuts.