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‘Pop up’ Drive-in could cruise in

JASON Bullock’s HR Holden, with passengers Tina and Alyssa Bullock, would have been one of many vintage cars enjoying the heyday of Drive-In Cinemas which could be set to enjoy a return and possibly at Bankstown Paceway if its operations manager Steve Thurlow and Councillor Steve Tunkevski have anything to do with it.

THE good old days of piling the family in the car and going to the Drive-In to watch a movie, might soon be back after Councillor Steve Tuntevski asked the council to investigate establishing a ‘pop up’ cinema, with Bankstown Paceway a likely site.
“Many residents fondly remember going to the former Bass Hill Drive-In which operated for half a century, and I’d love to see the Drive-In Cinema undergo a renaissance in our city,” Cr Tuntevski said.
“In these unprecedented times, it would allow families and couples to have a Covid-19 safe fun night out; they can grab a bite to eat from an array of food trucks and watch a double blockbuster movie.
“In their heyday, drive-in cinema’s provided Friday and Saturday night entertainment for a diversity of social groups, from families and couples to carloads of teenagers.”
Bankstown Paceway Operations Manager Steve Thurlow is all for the plan.
“One of our board members, Terry Brooks, is helping Fairfield Council set up their ‘pop up’ cinema at the showground and we can definitely see the merit of doing it here too,” Mr Thurlow said.
“We could operate it in the middle of the track on the grass which is not being used at the moment as there are no race meets or markets.
“It would be a win win situation for us and I’m sure would appeal to residents of all faiths plus there are a lot of families that live around here.
“Having a drive-in would be a nice outlet for the community; there would be a lot of interest as it’s something different. and would be an affordable outing for the whole family.”