Poem best in Australasia

AFTER submitting his poem, ‘A Piece of Wood’, Greenacre Public School student Taiyeon Lee has won first place in Australasia’s largest poetry competition for young writers in Years 3 to 10.

The Red Room Poetry’s Poetry Object ignites imaginations by inviting young writers to create poems inspired by treasured, curious or talismanic objects.
Winning poems were selected from over 2,350 submissions across Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand, with a total prize pool worth over $10,000.
Taiyeon said: “When I found that I was shortlisted, I was dumbfounded and shocked. From the thousands of people, I thought I didn’t even have a chance. It also made me exuberant.
“I want to keep writing as a hobby, not as a job.”
And what was the inspiration behind the poem?
“Something small can help a lot in our everyday lives,” he said.
“I think a pencil is unique and special and I was looking at my pencil that I was writing with. I have used a pencil since before kindergarten.
“I wanted to prove that we wouldn’t be able to use them in the future as technology would be more widespread.”
His teacher Cate Stilwell incorporates the competition into her Term 3 English program each year.
“Red Room produce a teaching resource that inspires creativity and explains poetic devices,” she said.
“We have entered poems every year for the last four years, and this year continued a tradition of having shortlisted poems – with two shortlisted this year – and to have the overall winner in 2019, is inspiring and motivating for all the students.”