Dining Out

Plenty of hunger for local eats

THRILLED to be welcoming back their many familiar faces, most restaurants and eateries say they are bouncing back but there is a long way to go.

Still sizzling with its delicious signature rice and meat dishes, Student Biryani is enjoying a steady trade in Auburn.
Manager Naveed says they have imposed a limit of 50 customers inside to adhere to social distancing requirements.
“But we are good and have maintained great demand for takeaway and home delivery,” he said.
“I’m sure things will keep improving, especially with the warmer weather here now.”
Rosnay Golf Club bistro manager Wen Zhou says they are lucky having a large dining room.
“We are restricted to 80 and so there has been no need to turn anyone away,” he said.
“It’s been busy on weekends but during the week is slower, although our takeaway business is doing well with satay chicken, salt and pepper squid and classic fish and chips among our most popular choices.
“We definitely are looking forward to welcoming more diners during the week.”
Owner of Berala Kebab House, Nev Aslan, agrees saying business is a little slower for in-house dining but takeaway is going strong.
“I’ve noticed more customers using credit cards too for safety purposes which we welcome, with cash also being fine,” he said.
“I’ve reduced my inside tables from four to two and outside, from six to four just to ensure the safety of everyone and have been supplying lunches to three nursing homes during the pandemic with fish, salad and chips, chicken and salad, pizzas, kebabs and beef burgers among the most popular orders.
“We’re lucky in Australia and things can only get better.”
I Love Manoush owner Tarek Hoblos is looking forward to December when he plans to open the doors to his new restaurant next door, El Biek, which seats another 50 diners.
It’s being refitted to include a coffee shop, Lebanese street food, a restaurant out the back and a new menu offering dishes not available elsewhere in Australia.
“It will include all of the traditional Lebanese plates like shawarma as well as burgers, kebabs and rolls plus extremely rare to find dishes,” Tarek said.
“Business has been down but everything is looking up.”