‘Plastic Free July’ challenge

TAKE up the challenge to avoid, refuse or replace as much single-use plastic as possible during July.

Signing up for Plastic Free July is also a good way to learn new ways to reduce your ‘plastic footprint’.
Australians use around 100kg of plastic packing per household each year, with many types of plastics not breaking down in the environment or able to be recycled.
Fortunately reducing the amount of plastic in the environment is something everyone can do and sometimes it can even save some money such as using reusable cloth bags for shopping or supporting coffee shops that let customers bring their own reusable coffee cups.
To support Plastic Free July, avoid beauty products with micro-beads; try to choose products in cardboard packaging or glass; skip pre-packaged fruit and vegetables; and consider making your own cleaning products including using vinegar as a mould killer instead of bleach.
Other tips including refusing to use a straw when eating out or taking your own reusable one made of either bamboo or metal.
For more tips and suggestions or to register, visit,