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Perfect for a party and breakfast, lunch, dinner

GROWING up in restaurants after his grandfather Abdul opened Australia’s first Lebanese restaurant over 50 years ago in Surry Hills, which is there to this day, Jasmin Granville owner Abraham Ghazal said he was told to never compromise on freshness and don’t take shortcuts.

This recipe for success that has paid off for three generations of the family.
Opened in September 2018 and the perfect venue for a party, Jasmin is also the ideal destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner being open from 7am till 10pm daily.
“The food industry is what I know and grew up around and I really have a strong passion for food,” Abraham said.
“Owning my own restaurant and hopefully more restaurants is something I wanted to do for a while.
“My father owns the first Jasmins to be opened in Lakemba, a family business and it is still operating today.”
With all snacks and meals very reasonably priced and all halal, the breakfast menu comprises an assortment of egg, beef, sausage and chickpea dishes, foul with tahini or tomato, shankleesh, labneh or fatteh.
For later in the day, there’s hot or cold Mezza, salads including tabouli, fattoush, garden and chicken salad, succulent seafood comprising barbecue prawns, calamari, fish and prawns, and seafood mixed plate, mashawi, kabseh chicken, kafta skewers, lamb skewers, chicken pieces, lemon and garlic chicken, chicken shish tawook and chicken shawarma to name a few.
There’s also a range of delicious wraps and kids meals like chicken nuggets with chips, and mixed plates, including lamb and kafta.
Along with four banquet options costing from $15 up to $30 a person, catering options feature mixed plates with veggies, chicken, beef or lamb.
Abraham says the recently upgraded menu boasts authentic Lebanese cuisine, with some dishes featuring a modern twist.
“We also offer award-winning falafel dishes which are very popular among young and older diners alike,” he added.
“Personally, for breakfast, you can’t to pass the fatteh and meat, and delicious combination of chickpeas, yoghurt and flat bread topped with mincemeat and pine nuts.”

Jasmin Lebanese Restaurant
29 South Street, Granville
Ph: 8606 1391

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