Paralympian gold medal winner zooms to school

GETTING a lesson in the power of determination, Punchbowl Public School students were last week treated to a ‘zoom’ visit from gold-medal winning Paralympian Anne Brunell.

Winning her medal at the 1992 Barcelona Paralympics in swimming, Brunell was born without legs and only three fingers on her right hand.
Punchbowl Public teacher Fatima El-Esh said she hoped this experience, which included a Q and A with Brunell, would encourage students to participate more in sports, particularly in swimming.
“Her disability didn’t stop her from becoming a competitive swimmer and she explained to the students that diligence was always rewarded,” Ms El-Esh said.
“Anne won many medals throughout her career, but her ultimate goal was to achieve that gold medal.
“She explained she worked on being the best that she could be as nothing was going to stop her and her positive mantra, ‘I’ll make a way for it to work’, helped her achieve her amazing results.
“The zoom session was insightful for students who were able to understand the perspectives of a disabled person who worked her way through many challenges along the way to becoming a successful Australian Paralympic athlete.”
Punchbowl Public teachers have taken to virtual learning to enhance the delivery of best practice while students are learning from home.
“Anne has inspired our students and shown them that anything is possible with hard work,” Ms El-Esh said.