‘No one wants to go home with nasty souvenir’: driver

BUS drivers across NSW are out in their communities, including Earlwood driver Paul Truscott, keeping society moving and ensuring the safety of themselves and passengers during the Covid pandemic.

Working for Transit Systems Kingsgrove along the Inner West routes, Mr Truscott, 66, says that passengers have been very understanding and keen to do the right thing on public transport.
“We haven’t had to knock back anyone, we’re very lucky to have had such a good run,” he said.
“We have great management at the depot and moved swiftly to introduce safety measures unlike countries elsewhere which have lost drivers.”
The Transport Workers Union is calling the public to understand that bus operators, drivers and passengers must be kept safe.
It has introduced cash handling bans as well as tape on buses to block off seats to keep appropriate social distancing in place, with split screens also being installed this week for added safety.
Mr Truscott says each bus is also fully cleaned and sanitised upon each depot return.
“There’s certainly a lot more school children back on the buses this week but all have been extremely understanding about our safety measures and requirements,” he said.
“Children are very aware, even though strict social distancing is not mandatory for them; no one wants to go home with a nasty souvenir.”