‘Newborn’ dolls in class

TINY dolls were used to provide hands-on training for midwives and students at Auburn Hospital last month.

Nurse educator Audrey Wright and clinical nurse consultant James Marceau from the Westmead Hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), used different sized dolls reflecting both an average newborn and a much smaller premature baby during a skills skills workshop for 11 midwives and student midwives.
Auburn Hospital clinical midwifery educator Jo Masri organised the education session and said she hoped it would be the first of many.
“It was a great opportunity for staff to develop skills and knowledge that they may not need often with the type of patients we usually see at Auburn, but are vital when called upon,” she said.
“It was really interactive and hands-on, and the feedback from all the participants was they really enjoyed it and got a lot from it. It’s fantastic to see this sharing of research, expertise and best practice across the health district.”
The newborn care skills station workshop included lessons on how to insert a nasogastric tube, stabilise an artificial airway and prepare for an umbilical vein catheter, all of which can be vital in the immediate care of a newborn baby after an unexpected complication.