New Principal’s plan for college to be exemplary

NEW Bethlehem College Ashfield Principal Ann Freeman hasn’t wasted any time getting to know her students whom she invited to have their say on the school and ideas for improvement.
“I was totally overwhelmed by the number of students that took the time to respond, the depth of their replies and how positive they were,” she said.

Students’ comments include: “It is very diverse and everyone gets along well”; “I like the canteen food which is way better than my primary school food”; “I like how we have many opportunities”; “I like how everyone just knows each other and don’t hesitate to talk to each other”; “Teachers are really good with staying back and helping students in need”; “I like our learning facilities which are new and open, giving the feeling of safety”; “I have made so many friends and every single one appreciates me for who I am”; “The environment is welcoming and I am always excited to come to school”; and “Bethlehem is very different from the other all-girls school I came from. I feel welcomed and all the girls are very nice, even the teachers”.
Ms Freeman said the girls also had ideas for additional extra-curricular activities.
“I will be considering these ideas with the staff and student council to ensure Bethlehem is the best all-girls College in the Diocese,” she said.
Celebrating 140 years of girls education this year, Bethlehem College welcomes the community to its Open Day on March 24.