Music, arts policy win

THE Inner West is leading the way in boosting local venues and performers, setting the bar for other councils.

Urge all councils to adopt same

The NSW Parliamentary Night Time Economy Report, which was established in May to inquire into and report on Sydney’s night time economy, has recommended adoption of a host of Inner West Council’s ground-breaking initiatives and policies.
The council’s Good Neighbour policy got the Report’s tick of approval, as did its push to allow small scale arts and music to operate in shops and cafes and its new legislation making it easier for small bars to gain licensing and approval.
Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said that the Inquiry’s findings mirrored the council’s push to make night time economy more vibrant and easier for new operators to enter.
“The report says that the Minister should encourage other councils to get on board, but we think the State Government should even go one step further and make it compulsory for all councils to adopt this approach, by making it part of local government legislation.”
The Report recommended that NSW Government consider supporting the night time use of spaces occupied by businesses during the day, with a particular focus on creative businesses.
“We’re pleased to see the Inquiry echo the council’s calls for a less complicated approval process for small scale arts,” Mayor Byrne said.
“Small businesses like bookshops, cafes and empty shopfronts are an ideal venue for small scale artists like musicians, comedians and painters to get their start. The Inner West is the perfect place to test this policy and we’d be pleased to work with the State Government on trials to get this concept up and running.”
The Report also calls for the Office of Liquor and Gaming to provide advice on small bar licence facilitation and easing the application and approvals for new licences or licence transfers.