More support for multicultural foster carers

A NEW partnership between Barnardos Australia and My Foster Family will encourage more foster carers from within the Muslim community, as well as providing non-Muslim carers with support in meeting the needs of Muslim children who are under their care.

They have joined forces to improve the experience of Muslim children in foster care and their carers.
Barnardos CEO Deirdre Cheers says they are thrilled to partner with My Foster Family as part of its commitment to keeping children connected to their family, culture and community.
“We understand the need for Muslim children to be cared for in a way which respects their faith and the community connections, and cultural training that My Foster Family provides will be invaluable to both our Muslim and non-Muslim carers,” she said.
“We look forward to building a strong relationship and connection to the community through this partnership which will help us achieve positive outcomes for our children, young people and families.”
My Foster Family (MFF) was created to support Muslim children in finding exceptional foster carers who can provide stability, support and love to a child.
Ahmad Malas, Director, My Foster Family, says the partnership will be an integral part of delivering a high-quality service that meets a strong community need.
“The synergies between both organisations will bring together industry leaders, best practice, and a deep cultural understanding that will have a positive impact in the multicultural foster care space,” he said.
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