More planning bathrooms for future

IT may have started off slow but 2020 has been nothing short of a boom time for the Pace family who operate Fred Rose Bathrooms in Padstow and Fairfield.

Now booked out until the end of January, David says he puts it down to people having more disposable income since no one is travelling as well as more start opting for a ‘lifestyle’ bathroom.
“It’s no longer just about what suits the customer and his or her family now but what will suffice for them in the next 10 or 15 years,” he said.
“More people are spending time in the house or working from home and so they have more time to consider what does and doesn’t work for them.”
With more people planning for the future, David says hand showers, walk-in showers and decorative grab rails are among the most popular choices.
Founded by Fred and Rose Pace almost 50 years ago, Fred Rose Bathrooms have built a reputation for building quality bathrooms that stand the test of time.
Fred, now in his 80s, can still be found tinkering around the store rooms at one of the showrooms from time to time.
The family business is now run and managed by Fred and Rose’s children.
You can meet David or Dana Pace at their Padstow showroom or Joanne Stevens and Matthew Pace at their Fairfield showroom, which are both open six days a week.
The showrooms boast full bathroom displays and products from many of Australia’s and the world’s leading brands.
For more info, phone 9793 7357 or email