More outdoor gyms needed to meet Open Space and Recreation strategy

MORE outdoor fitness equipment could be on the cards for each of Cumberland’s five wards.

Calling for a report on introducing more outdoor gyms, Councillor Eddy Sarkis said there were already facilities in parks in both Granville and Auburn.
“I think it’s only fair that the entire community gets a go at having a gym outside and utilising that equipment,” he said.
“You see how many people use the cycle paths and the walkways we have, but there’s no outdoor gym equipment.”
Supporting the move, Cr Suman Saha also noted that the the council’s Open Space and Recreation Strategy 2019-2029, which was adopted in February this year, highlighted both the importance of the outdoor fitness stations and the competing demands on available open space.
“We know that we have a real shortage of open space, and how those open spaces can be well utilised by putting in these outdoor fitness stations,” he said.
“We currently have 10 parks with outdoor fitness equipment and I’ve very glad and proud to have one in my ward, in the Wentworthville Ward.
“It is in the M J Bennett Reserve and it is well used, and people appreciate that very much.”
Cr Saha said to meet the benchmark of one fitness station for every 15,000 people noted in the Strategy, the LGA needed at least another eight stations by 2026.