Missing gym but Troy’s still in swing of things

HE is missing the gym but Regents Park personal trainer Troy Kowal is grateful he can still get some outdoors exercise playing golf.

Hitting out on the green a few times a week at Sefton, Troy says he is fortunate to live within five kilometres of four golf courses and though it’s not as good as playing with friends, it’s the next best thing.
“There aren’t any tees in place so it’s a bit of a hit and hope but it’s the perfect sport for the Covid lockdown since it is easy to maintain social distancing,” he said.
“They’re taking bookings every 20 minutes to ensure everyone is spread out and I’m off work at the moment so it’s a lot better than being stuck inside.”
According to the Golf NSW website, you can exercise with or play golf with one other person that you do not live with or your nominated visitor if in a singles bubble. If you live with more than two other people, you can all go out together for exercise.
“Golf is the ideal exercise because anyone can play and you don’t have to be good, even the top golfers have their bad days,” added Troy who is a Concord West Snap Fitness trainer.
“While in the lockdown, I would encourage residents to get as active as possible as exercise is just so beneficial to physical and mental health.”