Men robbed at knifepoint

THREE men were allegedly detained and robbed at knifepoint by three others who they met on social media last Thursday evening.

Police were told a 53-year-old man made arrangements to meet a man at a home at Punchbowl on Tuesday, June 14, about 5.40pm. A short time later, two men arrived and allegedly threatened him with a knife, demanding his debit card, before withdrawing cash.
About 8.30pm, a 30-year-old man attended a carpark on the corner of the Boulevarde and Quigg Street, Lakemba, to meet a man he had met online.
When he entered the car he was allegedly threatened by three men with a knife and driven from the carpark, while being forced to transfer money into a bank account.
When the men returned him to the carpark, he was directed to return to his own vehicle with one of the men searching his car before they drove off.
As part of proactive patrols, police stopped a car on York Street, Belmore, about 10.50pm and spoke with four men aged 19, 20, 21 and 29.
Inquiries revealed the 29-year-old man had made arrangements online to meet a man at a carpark on Tobruk Avenue, Belmore about 9.20pm, when three men got into his car and threatened him with a knife, demanding his mobile phone.
He was then allegedly told to enter another car before being driven to ATMs at Belmore and Canterbury and allegedly forced to withdraw cash.
When police searched the car, they allegedly found cash, knives and mobile phones.
The three younger men were each charged with three counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of take/detain person with intent to obtain advantage and participate criminal group contribute criminal activity.
The 53, 30 and 29-year-old men were not injured in the three separate incidents.