Men in blue pack in for school blitz

BULLDOGS players visited more than 30 schools last Wednesday, with St John Vianney Greenacre Principal Justin Coupland saying he didn’t know who was more excited, the parents or the students.

“When we saw the blue jerseys walk in, we were all over the moon,” he said.
“Our new facilities have just been waiting for our kids to get more active so it’s great to see them getting involved, particularly with rugby league.”
Will Hopoate, who was joined by Ray Faitala-Mariner and Matt Doorey, said the players were happy to visit.
“It’s always good to put a smile on kids’ faces and enjoy some time in the community,” he said.
Corey Waddell who visited Wiley Park Public School with Kyle Flanagan and Nick Meaney, said they loved it.
“We’ve been teaching the kids about footy as well as about having a healthy lifestyle,” he said. “Seeing the NRL players when I was a kid was really exciting so hopefully we’ve made their day too.”