Memorial service for workers injured, killed

CUMBERLAND City Council will be hosting a workplace tragedy memorial service this Saturday, May 7, 10am at Holroyd Gardens Estate in remembrance of workers who have passed due to workplace injury.

The memorial service is held annually and commemorates those who have been injured or tragically killed at work, and those who have died from exposure to chemicals and asbestos.
Mayor Lisa Lake said that this day highlights the importance of work, health and safety by focusing on preventable workplace incidents and promoting health and safety campaigns.
“The individual stories behind the statistics are very distressing, and not only impact on the person directly involved, but of course their parents, partners, their children, and their wider circle of relatives, friends, and colleagues.”
“The memorial service will be an opportunity to turn our grief into action; by advocating for the importance of work health and safety to make our workplaces safer,” Mayor Lake said.
The Workplace Tragedy Memorial is located in the former Goodlet and Smith Brickworks site, located within the residential estate of Holroyd Gardens Estate, Walpole Street, Merrylands.
(Parking is available near the Memorial site and at Holroyd Gardens)