Meals on Wheels help urged

AS we age our appetite can drop away and research shows that one of the main reasons for older people being moved into residential care is malnutrition.

Each mouthful needs to count and that is why Parramatta Council’s Meals on Wheels service providers are on a mission to find more volunteers so that they can meet the growing demand, as more of us age, for their services.
Bev Grace was 57 when she first started as a Meals on Wheels volunteer and 20 years later, has no plans to quit even encouraging neighbours to give it a go.
“It’s incredibly rewarding helping older residents in our community,” she said.
“Sometimes, we are the only ones they see on a regular basis. I love having a chat with them and if you give any attention to their pet cat or dog, you’ve won them over for life.”
Bev even visits one of her Granville clients who has moved into a nursing home.
“I found out she had gone there and had no family so I am happy to visit even though when she sees me now, she says ‘where do I know you from’ and I just say, ‘remember, I used to be your Meals on Wheels lady’,” Bev said with a laugh.
The mother of four and grandmother of three, Bev says she has a lot to be grateful for and volunteering is the perfect way to “give back”.
“I start at 8am three mornings a week but I’m always home by 12 so have the rest of the day to myself; I encourage all to give it a go,” she said.
To find out more, call the council on 9806 5704.