Mayor meets shoppers

Guildford resident Marlene Feruson chats with Steve Christou, major of Cumberland.

Drops into mall to listen to local concerns and ideas

GETTING out of the Council Chamber, Cumberland Mayor Steve Christou has been chatting with shoppers and residents at Stockland Merrylands during the first two rounds of his Meet Your Mayor sessions.
He said it was a great opportunity to talk to residents and listen to their concerns and ideas about council services, policies and proposals.
“We also want our residents to know about the wide range of services that are on offer – from council collection services to weekly meal delivery for seniors and affordable care and education services,” he said.
West Guildford resident Marlene Ferguson who was having coffee with friend at the shopping centre said when she spotted the mayor, she thought it was a good opportunity to have a chat.
“He was very good, he really listened,” she said.
“I think it’s a good idea for the Mayor to go down and meet people face to face.
“It’s just small things that you want to get done and you sometimes feel no-one is listening.
“It’s a shame that so many people feel they don’t get things done when they contact the council.
I know they probably have major things they need to look into, but now I can say to my friends, that I spoke with the Mayor and action was taken.
“It was good to speak to someone directly. You pay your rates and you are entitled to get things done.”