Massive bird kill a concern

ANGERED by the “callous and deliberate” killing of more than 20 birds in a Lakemba park, Canterbury Bankstown Mayor Khal Asfour has joined the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in appealing to find the culprits.

The EPA says 24 – possibly more – deceased and sick birds, including native Corellas, Ibis, Cockatoos and pigeons, were found at Hampden Road Reserve, Lakemba, with 10 found on Saturday, August 29. A dead ibis was also found in Lakemba Street on Monday.
Mayor Asfour said “this is shocking and unacceptable in every way”.
“All native animals are protected. Feeding them human food such as bread and rice is not good for their health, and poisoning them is inhumane and illegal,” he said.
“Other animals, including domestic pets, could have been harmed because of someone’s reckless behaviour.”
A Sydney Wildlife volunteer came across suspected poison rodenticide scattered with rice on the ground in the Reserve.
Initial diagnosis by Taronga Zoo is that intoxication is suspected. The samples are being analysed further with final results due shortly.
EPA Director, Regulatory Operations, Giselle Howard, said the killing of birds, whether through intentional or reckless misuse of pesticide, was a serious offence.
“On the evidence we’ve received, this is deplorable behaviour. The EPA will certainly take legal action against anyone found guilty of unlawfully using pesticides to poison native animals,” she said
“Under the Pesticides Act, it is illegal to use pesticides to kill or harm non-target animals such as native birds.
“No suspects have been identified, but the EPA would be happy to receive any information from the public about who may have baited these birds.”
Canterbury-Bankstown Council is conducting daily inspections of the reserve and clearing any suspected baits.
If you have any information, call Environment Line on 131 555.

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