Real Estate

Market heats up with growing pool of buyers

YOU might expect the combination of winter and Covid-19 to have an impact on the property market, however we’ve found it’s quite the opposite.

The market has done anything but cool down in recent weeks. Last weekend, for example, we took up to 20 groups through our sale properties which further demonstrates that housing stock remains in short supply across the board.
This is good news if you’re thinking of selling. In fact, the market is so hot at the moment we can barely keep up with demand.
Now is the perfect time to get your property on the market and take advantage of the growing pool of buyers. There are buyers out there who are ready to spend and they’re not going anywhere until they find what they want.
Apartments are proving particularly popular because of the government grants available to first homebuyers who are snapping up both one and two-bedroom apartments like there’s no tomorrow. A lack of sellers is helping keep prices buoyant.
We’re still following social distancing guidelines and recommended hygiene practices at all our open houses, so you can certainly feel comfortable and have peace of mind. The safety of our clients is always our first priority.
With another six or seven weeks of winter to go, we know that means spring is just around the corner and it looks likely to be a bumper quarter. The property market has taken a battering in the past but always bounced back. After all, it’s a long-term investment and tends to hold its own during times of economic unrest.