Mark first decade of aiding youth

MISSION Australia’s Canterbury Bankstown Youth Service (CBYS) is celebrating 10 years of helping vulnerable young people to thrive.

Providing crisis and transitional accommodation to more than 1,000, CBYS has also assisted over 5,000 young people, aged 16 to 25, through counselling, case management and early intervention programs.
Mission Australia Program Manager Ludmila Klianev said the service was established to support young people in the community, and a decade on, in the midst of Covid-19, they know that the support they provide is more important than ever.

“Many of the young people we work with at CBYS have experienced homelessness, be it couch surfing or sleeping rough, or have experienced family break down, mental health challenges, disengagement with school or employment, or other challenges that put them at risk of homelessness,” she said.
“When they see that they have people who believe in them and are there to support them – that changes things for young people. Providing them with a safe and secure home and connecting them with the right services to work through their challenges, means they have a solid grounding to thrive and take steps towards a brighter future.”
CBYS’s Sport and Recreational Program ‘Level Up’ was a NSW Premier Award finalist in 2016.
Ms Klianev, who has worked with CBYS for over eight years, said: “Our ‘Inspire, Motivate, Empower’ event held in response to young people’s concerns about unemployment, saw multiple young connect with job opportunities. This event, along with Mission Australia Sleepout events with the Bulldogs, have been fantastic in helping us to help young people find their feet.
“We take this anniversary as an opportunity to not only celebrate our contributions but to look to the future and continue to adapt our service to support young people through all the challenges,” Ms Klianev said.

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