Magic way to spark a child’s love of reading through inspiring interaction

IMAGINE a book that comes to life and encourages children to interact by throwing, catching and passing a ball while they read the story.

Passionate Bankstown speech pathologist Nisrine El-Choueifati believes books at a young age are key to success throughout life and has written her first book, ‘I Have a Magic Ball’, in an effort to engage children who may need more stimulation other than just sitting and listening.
Arriving in Bankstown as a six-year-old migrant from France, Nisrine was able to enjoy stories in French, Arabic and English.
She attended St Christopher’s and St Brendans primary schools where bilingualism was valued and learning multiple languages was seen as a strength.
“I have fond memories of attending Storytimes at Bankstown Library and my love of language and literacy inspired me to become a speech pathologist,” she said.
“I have been lucky enough to work here for 10 years with Bankstown Community Resource Group.”
The vision behind this book is that it can be read with groups of children and enjoyed by a range of attention spans and hopefully spark a love of reading.
After hosting a popular online Book Week event in August where 25 children attended bringing a ball and dressing in their favourite book characters, Nisrine is excited to share more copies of her book which are now available.
For a copy of ‘I Have a Magic Ball, follow Nisrine on Instagram.