Local Monopoly version

FEATURING much-loved locations from around the City, including the Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink, Georges River, Belmore Sports Ground, Bankstown Airport and more, Canterbury Bankstown’s special edition Monopoly boards are flying off the shelves – and even abroad.
A couple have been purchased by Englishman Neil Scallan who holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest collection of Monopoly sets.
“I’ve been collecting for 15 years and I’ve now got to 2,997 different editions,” Mr Scallan said.
“I found out about this board from some of my Australian friends, as I try to buy an edition of every Australian set made.
“I actually got my 2,000th set on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and had interviews with a radio show in every Australian state.
“I have ordered two editions of yours, one for myself and one for another collector in Sweden.”
Mayor Khal Asfour said a third of our stock has been sold in the past few weeks, proving the board has become a hot commodity for Christmas.
“It is a classic, timeless game that residents can be proud of for generations to come,” Mayor Asfour said.
“And it’s the perfect Christmas present to bring family and friends together for a really fun time.”
To purchase a copy of the limited-edition Canterbury-Bankstown Monopoly board, call 9707 9000 or visit