Live feed demand booming

WITH thousands of reptiles waking up after winter to find a mate and feast, Yagoona’s Bio Supplies Warehouse is noticing demand growing for their live feed and is expecting it to get even busier over the next few months.

With this in mind, owner Karen Nilsson is looking for a part-time worker to help manage the live and frozen pet food, including crickets, mice, rats, wood roaches, silkworms and meal worms.
“It would suit animal lovers and those not too squeamish, although staff usually get used to all the aspects of our business fairly quickly,” she said.
“The person we are looking for would do some general husbandry and cleaning of our critters and their cages.”
Operating the business for the past 12 years, Karen’s family had pet shops and she used to operate the aquarium on site as well.
“We are mainly an online wholesale supplier sourcing some of our products from elsewhere but we breed a lot of the feed on site,” she said.
“We also assist WIRES if they are supporting a carnivore (meat-eating) bird including owls, kookaburras and magpies.”
With reptile licences easier to get in Australia now, she said more and more people were opting to keep reptiles as pets because they required less space and they could be quite affectionate.
“Bearded dragons are placid but you’ll get lovely feedback from them and frogs are also a great pet,” she said.
To find out more about the job, call Karen on 9790 0438.