Little Wings links with Givit to give sick lift

THE Covid-19 pandemic has affected countless families but a partnership between Little Wings and national online ‘charity for charities’ Givit, has meant help has been spread far and wide.

The charities have joined forces to better help hundreds of NSW regional families that need to fly into the city for life-saving medical treatment.
Givit donations have supported dozens of ill children and families, including: Providing everyday items like clothing, essential maternity toiletries and nappies; giving a large family new bedroom furniture after their home and all belongings were lost in a house fire; laptop for a child spending most of the year in hospital, helping to keep her connected with family and friends, and learning with her classmates from hundreds of kilometres away; a pram for a young family in remote NSW who have to walk 10km to their local GP – they have no public or personal transport options available; and various donated items for sick kids – nappies, ‘care Backpacks’, school items like drink bottles and lunch boxes, and cuddly toys.
With many reaching out for help from charities for the very first time, Little Wings CEO Clare Pearson says Givit are silent heroes, working in the shadows to make life a little easier for rural families who really need a helping hand.
“Ultimately, we provide access to life-saving medication treatment that’s otherwise unavailable in their hometown,” she said.
“Givit allows us to gently and unobtrusively support these families, relieving the financial burden in the tough times and bringing a smile to seriously ill children.”
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