‘Light Up’ for sick young

ADDING to the dazzling night-time showcase in Canterbury Bankstown, Birrong resident Keith Clark is one of many residents wanting to inject extra sparkle into Christmas this year by creating a twinkling festive wonderland in their front yards.

But Keith is going a few steps further; not only making a huge Christmas display for his street and roving light-hunters to enjoy but staging two ‘Light Up’ party fundraisers for Westmead Children’s Hospital.
“I’ve got no children but lots of nieces and nephews and I can’t think of anything worse than a child having to spend Christmas in hospital so that’s why I wanted to make it more special for them,” he said.
Keith’s Light Up parties are on offer this Saturday and next, December 14 and 21, at 17 Stephenson Street, Birrong, from 6.30pm.
At the registered fundraiser, there will be a barbecue and drinks, with seating available, for a gold coin donation plus attendees are welcome to bring a children’s gift for the hospital donation.
“Together we can do amazing things for sick kids and what better time than at Christmas,” Keith added.
“I know my neighbours are keen and I would also like to invite others in the community to come along.
“I’ve already bought about 30 gifts for children and hope to turn up at the hospital with a big sack of Christmas joy just before the 25th.”
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