Learning at home hints

MOST students will be learning from home for another two weeks with the Covid-19 lockdown extended until Friday, July 30.

For those parents, carers and students here are a few tips to help everyone navigate some of the many challenges of learning at home while also staying safe.

Learning at home tips
Stay connected: Keep in touch with your teacher and classmates during this challenging time. Reach out to your parent, carer or teacher if you need additional help.
Follow your normal routine: Support your child to eat breakfast, brush their teeth and get dressed in the morning.
Set up your workspace: Help your child set up a quiet space at a desk or table where they can work if your child is using a computer.
Ask questions: If you don’t understand something, ask your teacher or classmates.
Eating and drinking: Prepare snacks and meals outside of school hours so you and your child can grab ready-made food. Encourage your child to drink water throughout the day.
Take breaks: Schedule in breaks for you and your child to grab a snack or do some stretches.
Build in fun: Encourage your child to take some time to be creative. Draw, play with Lego or tune into the daily NSW Education livestream.
Online resources: Bookmark important pages like the Learning from Home hub where you’ll find learning resources and packages to use with your child.
Be flexible: Be flexible and work with your school during this challenging time. If you or your child are having trouble with a task, move onto something else.
Young children: If your child is young, don’t feel pressured to re-create a six-hour school day.