Launch new drive-through $10 food hamper service

EXPANDING its food relief work, Addison Road Food Pantry is offering a drive-through, contactless hamper service each Monday, 10am-12pm.

“Although we put in place extra health protection measures in the Food Pantry in late July, we are also offering the new drive-through service to cater for anyone who might be especially vulnerable to illness or wishes to avoid shopping in-store,” a spokesperson said.
The $10, card payment only, drive-through hampers include the same selection of essential pantry items plus fresh fruit, vegetables and bread.
Worth at least three times the normal retail value, hampers are available on Friday mornings to international students and temporary visa holders.
However Addison Road Food Pantry continues to provide low-cost, in-store shopping to one and all, Monday to Friday, 12-4pm.