Laughter, love and how far you’d go for ‘family’

Based on the 1993 novella by renowned Australian author and medical practitioner, Peter Goldsworthy AM, and adapted by Helpmann Award nominee, Steve Rodgers, ‘Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam’ explores the life of the Pollards, an Australian family like any other, whose world is flipped on its head when illness breaches their sanctuary.
Rodgers’ honest and heartfelt adaptation of ‘Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam’ was the winner of Griffin Theatre’s inaugural Lysicrates Prize in 2015.
This is a play that swings the emotional extremes – the laughter, love, the tears of facing up to goodbyes. How far would you go for family?
Playing Faye, Mother and Grandmother as well as Dr Eve Harrison, Valerie said: “The play begins in the past with two young university students marrying.
“We watch as their family grows to include two children.
“The family unit is incredibly strong and loving – then we see how they cope when things start to unravel.
“Time is elastic as we watch events in the past and consequences in the present.
“Audiences have found our play funny, moving and completely engrossing; the way the play has been crafted takes us on such a journey in and out of time and this creates a beautiful focus and communion between us all.”
Prices: Full price $84, Seniors $74, Concession $64, 30-Down $61, Student Saver $48.
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