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Landlord responsibility to make sure property’s safe and liveable

BEING a landlord isn’t only about having a property in your name and receiving rental income from your tenant.

John Owsnett, Principal of Chambers Fleming Professionals Padstow, says it is also about making sure that the home is in a safe and liveable condition for your tenants and addressing any serious maintenance issues as they arise.
“Not everyone is suited to the two-way responsibilities of the landlord role – and worse still, some landlords neglect their properties and let their tenants suffer through weeks without kitchens, heating or cooling,” he said.
“Just as the tenant has a responsibility to care for your home, pay the nominated amount of rent on time and inform your managing agent of any damage to your property – you have a responsibility to maintain the property you lease.
“This means having a quality relationship with your elected intermediary property manager and listening to their feedback on the condition of the property post routine inspection.”
John says if you don’t know how much you might receive in rent from your home, get in contact with a property manager from the Professionals at Padstow.
For further info, call John on 9771 4555.

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