Dining Out

Kajun and kickin’ goals

A FUN dining experience like no other, Kickin’ Inn has launched its sixth restaurant at Bankstown RSL Club but provides no plates or cutlery because you eat right from a seafood bag with your hands.

Don’t worry, they provide bibs and gloves (and of course, cutlery if requested).
A home-grown brand, Kickin’ Inn aims to deliver high-quality seafood with founders Sami and Ravi on a mission to introduce you to unique flavours comprising 55 herbs and sauces such as Kajun (which took three years to crack), Garlic Kajun, Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper or the famous Sha-Bang.

You choose your main meal which is harder than it sounds as there is an array of delicious options ranging from whole fresh prawns, shrimp martini and fish and chips, to the Alaskan King Crabs, lobster, mud crabs, Moreton Bay Bugs, crayfish, mussels, oysters, squid tentacles, salt and pepper squid and chicken tenders for kids if preferred.
Secondly, select your favourite sauce – all are halal, vegetarian and gluten-free – and the third step is to pick your spice level.
“We cook the sauces to our customer’s heat preference,” manager Christine Singh said.
The last step is inspired by the south; you can add some fresh corn, potatoes or chorizos and the experience is complete.
However, that is not where the story ends, the dining experience is also a treat if you don’t mind getting a bit messy.
“It’s such a different way to dine for kids so families should come along and enjoy the fun experience,” Ms Singh said.
Sami and Ravi say their vision is to expand their brand and make a difference in Australia: “We want our restaurants to grow and our dream is to open 100 in Australia, help the economy, generate jobs and contribute to local communities.”