John dishes up perfect way to enjoy delicious, affordable, at home dining

AFTER getting laid off as a data processor due to Covid-19 and with a background in the food and hospital industries, Marrickville’s John Nguyen has come up with a new at-home dining service, ‘Eat Box Now’.

Replicating the Korean Barbecue restaurant experience and with skills acquired through his family running Liberty Palace, John provides fresh meat, sides, salads and dips in an easy to set up meal box, that takes one minute to cook.
Given current social restrictions, John says you can even have zoom parties with your friends all enjoying an authentic Korean Barbecue dining experience.
“Our restaurant ready meal boxes allows you to do this without having to venture out unnecessarily during these uncertain times,” he said.
“The way we differ from other at-home delivery services is you do not need to spend 30 minutes to cook from scratch or re heat, pre-cooked restaurant take-out.
“Everything is prepared for you and all you need to do is place the items onto your table, throw the meat on a pan, grill or barbecue and eat as you go or cook it all at once and enjoy your delicious platter.”
Since its launch on May 10, ‘Eat Box Now’ has received over 1,000 orders in just two weeks and has made over $15,000 a week.
‘Eat Box Now’ offers two boxes to choose from, ranging from $58 for two people or $116 for four.
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