Invite to join ‘Plastic Free July’ campaign

EVERYONE’S encouraged to sign up for the Plastic Free July Challenge to help reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Cumberland Council is exploring ways to keep waste out of landfill and Mayor Steve Christou is encouraging everyone to identify their own plastic waste and find new ways to avoid it and switch it with reusable and sustainable options.
“Sign up to the Plastic Free Challenge, join the council and millions of other people becoming part of the solution by reducing plastic waste,” he said.
“Recognise the small, but great things you are achieving this month and apply them every day.
“We as a council are committed, within our venues and facilities, to reducing single use plastic and are dedicated to exploring more sustainable ways to keep waste out of landfill, such as our ‘Banners to Bags’ project.”
The project involves members of the Women’s Creative Hub transforming old banners into reusable bags.
Hundreds of bright and cheerful banner flags line streets at different times to showcase national and cultural events and for a few years they were dumped in landfill.
However, the council was determined to reuse or recycle them and it was the Environment and Resource Recovery Team who had a creative idea to repurpose the banners into bags and with the help for the Women’s Creative Hub, the project began.
This initiative has made more than 250 reusable shopping bags from flag banners and brought together the community and council to avoid landfill waste and reduce single-use plastic bags.
Sign up for Plastic Free July 2021 at