Invite to gain insight into autism supports

THERE is no definitive test for autism, with a diagnosis made on the basis of developmental assessments and behavioural observations, but one child in every 100 is on the spectrum and the need for support has never been greater.

Families can learn about autism, autistic behaviours and hands-on strategies for supporting a person with autism at an ‘Autism Awareness’ event at Bryan Brown Theatre this Saturday, August 6, 12.30-3.30pm.
You’ll hear from the founder of charity Autism Community Network (ACN), Steve Drakoulis, who is a parent and a behavioural therapist, to gain new insights into autism and how it impacts children.
Steve started the group with 35 families 12 years ago, with over 2,000 families now registered.
“My son George was diagnosed and I wanted to find a support group but options were limited,” he said.
“I reached out to other families and the group just grew and grew.
“George is now 21 and has come such a long way, running many of our youth support groups; I’m very proud.
“Remember, people who think differently are the ones who change the world.”
Offering an advisory service, ACN runs groups for carers, families and those with autism – ranging from cooking clubs, walking groups, coffee mornings, art, music and drama groups – to name a few.
“Our programs are run by volunteers and we provide these supports for free but our fundraising has taken a hit in the last two years,” Steve said.
Register to attend this Saturday’s talk at or for more info or to make a donation, go to