Injury potential screening vital

INJURY Prevention Screening has become an important part of an athlete’s training routine and includes a full body assessment that is used to identify areas of weakness and potential risks for future injury.

However, injury prevention screening is not just for athletes, according to Bankstown Physiotherapy’s Jim Liakos, who says it is just as effective for home gardeners or anyone getting older and experiencing joint stiffness, with pensioner rates available.
After 21 years of operation, the Bankstown Physiotherapy team, led by Jim and consisting of male and female physios and massage therapists, continue to demonstrate high quality and up to date treatments at their 68 Eldridge Road clinic.
Headed by Rashmee, hand therapy is one of the expanded specialist services available at the clinic.
It includes the application of casts and splints and structured exercise programs that adhere to specific protocols handed out by surgeons.
Jawad leads the hydrotherapy service and utilises the therapeutic effects and buoyancy of warm water to reduce pressure on arthritic joints, sore muscles and weak areas of the body.
The clinic also specialises in women’s and men’s’ health.
Physios Jim and Clare have expanded their specialty to include treating the pelvic floor, as well as assisting with the effects of prostate surgery and pregnancy.
Despite the high volume of patients, Jim and his team always ensure to give back to the community, including being a proud sponsor of Canterbury Bankstown District Junior Rugby League among others.