Incontinence expert who will put you back in control of life

IT is estimated that over five million Australians have a bladder or bowel control problem, according to the Continence Foundation of Australia.
But help is close at hand through the Bankstown Continence Service which is coordinated by Clinical Nurse Consultant Claire Dobson at Bankstown Community Health Centre.

Claire has 30 years’ experience in Continence management and has worked in acute care, aged community care and community health.
Her clinical role includes conducting comprehensive nursing Continence assessments via home visits or telephone consultations. The free service is offered to local residents aged 65 years and over (or 50 years if Aboriginal/Torres Strait) living in their own home or independent living unit.
The position also has an education component and Claire is free to give presentations on good bladder and bowel habits to local community groups and organisations as well as health staff including nursing and medical teams.
“The aim of the Bankstown Continence Service is to work with clients and carers to develop a plan of care and provide Continence management strategies for both clients and carers to improve and enhance quality of life,” Claire said.
“I can also assist clients and carers to access Continence funding schemes to help with the cost of Continence products.”
All referrals to The Bankstown Continence Service must be made via My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.
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