Idiots still on mobiles

IF you want a photo shoot like this, it will cost you $349 – and five demerit points, Inner West police have warned.

Mobile phone detection cameras, including fixed and transportable cameras, are now targeting drivers and riders illegally using a mobile phone across NSW anywhere, anytime.
The system operates day and night and in all weather conditions, using high-definition cameras to capture images of the front-row cabin space of all vehicles to detect illegal mobile phone use.Motorists have said they can’t believe their eyes when they see people talking on the phones while driving, let alone texting.
Motorist Aphra Robbins posted that while waiting at some lights, a woman drove past her texting on her phone with both hands. Murad Jamil says that is 349 reasons why not to use a phone while driving, and Nanna Apted said “fools and their money are easily parted”.