Human wall world record shot

WITH 1,000 participants needed, Flour Mill developer EG invites residents to attempt to break the world record for the largest image of a house made of humans on Saturday, February 29, and at the same time, raise funds to support local charity Youth Off The Streets.

House Off The Streets Deputy CEO Lex Nadine Lutherborrow says it is crucial that the community is aware of homelessness and is part of the response.
“Our Inner West services work with around 770 young people a year who either live in the Inner West or seek support from this area,” she said.
“It is clear that the existing strategies need a review in approach. Increasing community awareness of the issues our young people face is a first step.
“The world record attempt with EG, is a great way to come together as a community, raise funds to support our services, raise awareness and start conversations of the issue so many young people still face.”
EG CEO Adam Geha said: “EG has partnered with Youth Off The Streets in this world record attempt, with the current record at 787 people, because we are passionate about supporting local communities.
“Sharing this beautiful space at our Flour Mill development at Summer Hill (16 Flour Mill Way) will make the day all the more fun and memorable.”
Ryan Avery, the youngest ever world champion of public speaking, will fly from Colorado to MC the event.
For more info and to sign up, visit: