Human rights advocate giving a voice to young

READY to take on the world, Newtown resident and Zimbabwean born Kupakwashe Matangira, 19, who was selected among 12 out of 600 applications to join the 20-21 NSW Youth Advisory Council, is passionate about human rights and social justice.

The Youth Advisory Council provides an opportunity for future leaders to shape policies, create positive change and advocate on behalf of their peers about significant issues.
After her first ‘virtual’ meeting with the council last weekend, Ms Matangira said: “It was an absolute honour to meet my colleagues and I’m excited to work with them and learn from my peers.
“I want to address the problem of youth homelessness and bring young people to the forefront of disaster recovery and give them a voice in the rehabilitation of their communities.
“Another reason why I applied to be on the Youth Advisory Council is to introduce policies that foster inclusivity and increase awareness; every young person has a right to grow up feeling safe and racism prohibits that.
“It’s not our colour, race or gender but rather our shared humanity that defines us.”
Working for Save The Children while she studies for an Arts Law degree, Ms Matangira says mental health is also one of the biggest issues affecting young people.
“I want to increase support available and to normalise mental health so that young people know it’s ok to not feel your best all of the time.
“I’m thrilled to be on this journey now and can’t wait to make a real difference.”