HSC results available this week

HSC students will be receiving their results four days earlier than expected.

With the NSW Education Standards Authority completing the marking and processing of the 2021 HSC ahead of schedule, HSC students will now be able to access their results this Thursday (January 20), rather than January 24 as originally scheduled.
Education Minister Sarah Mitchell says it is a great outcome for students, who are keen to receive their results and finalise their plans for the year, whether that be heading to university, training or straight into the workforce.

Eye test after lockdown strain bid
PARENTS are being urged to schedule an eye test for their children ahead of the new school year, after periodic lockdowns across the country in the last 12 months, have meant an increase in screen time and concerns over digital eye strain.
A Specsavers spokesperson said: “When kids are on phones and computers, it adds a significant demand on close vision, which can cause digital eye strain. As children’s eyes are still developing during their schooling years, it’s important to identify any potential issues early so they can be corrected or managed.”