HSC graduates revealing secrets to study success

PREPARING for the HSC can be stressful at the best of times but for thousands of teenagers in Cumberland, the added anxiety over the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown restrictions are adding to the difficulty.

Berala resident Kelly Ni, 19, was one of those teenagers when attempting her HSC last year and is this year studying medicine at the University of NSW as well as being a St John Ambulance cadet trainer.
Along with Manmeet Singh, also a 2020 HSC graduate and now studying medicine at the University of Western Sydney, Kelly will be hosting the council’s free ‘HSC Lockdown Survival Tips’ zoom presentation tomorrow, Wednesday, September 15, from 7pm.
“There are many misconceptions about how to study effectively,” she said.
“Highlighting key texts and re-reading notes passively has shown to be very low yield.
“It is much better to use what is known as ‘active recall’ where you extract info from your brain and test yourself.
“We’ll also be talking about other strategies covering mindset, mental health and motivation.”
Agreeing with Manmeet, who is a St John cadet, Kelly said her involvement with the organisation has been one of the most empowering experiences of her life.
“At my division, Granville Combined Division, I’m able to be a part of group of supportive, incredible, kind-hearted people who all have the goal of doing their part to serve the community and enact positive change; they’ve become by second family.”
Manmeet will be talking about the importance of consistency and doing that little bit extra study each day to keep on track.
“We have many strategies to share so you don’t lose focus on your goal,” he said.
To register for tomorrow’s talk, email