How teachers set up child to thrive

DEVELOPING children as successful learners in an ever-changing world, the delivery of Georges River Grammar’s strong early childhood education is recognised as playing a key role throughout their schooling.

Engaging with exploration and play, along with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, are the hallmarks of the school’s kindergarten curriculum.
Director of Teaching and Learning K-6, Elizabeth Errington, said teachers tailored their lessons to the individual needs of students, guiding them towards success and achieving their goals.
“Our kindergarten literacy program has synthetic phonics at its core, which has been proven to offer strong benefits in reading and writing,” she said.
“Daily classroom discussion about numbers and the many ways in which they can be represented, assists in developing our students’ flexibility when thinking about mathematics, which directly impacts their growth in this area.
“It is always exciting to see our kindergarten students setting and achieving their learning goals with their teachers. As they celebrate their progress, their confidence grows, and they are motivated to reach even more challenging goals.”
Specialist kindergarten learning support officers offer individual and small group instruction as required, ensuring that students are supported in learning at their own pace and have curriculum tailored to their needs. Similarly, students requiring extension and enrichment, are challenged and fostered in their intellectual and social growth.
All students receive key instruction in physical education, French, music, library and Christian Education.
“Our continued partnership with New Pedagogies for Deep Learning offers our teachers and students access to an international platform providing conditions that will foster a desire to contribute to the common good, address global challenges and flourish in a complex world,” Ms Errington said.
“A kindergarten education at Georges River Grammar will offer your child a unique learning environment in which they are set up to thrive.”