How simple chat can help to reduce stress

STAFF and client mental health and safety is always top priority for Christine Manolakos and husband Alex Sapounas, the team behind CM Lawyers in Marrickville.

With R U OK Day celebrated tomorrow, Thursday, September 10, Christine says that now more than ever, it’s important to check in with co workers, friends and family and make sure they are coping.
“This year has been a challenging one for everyone and circumstances have made it even more important for us all to stay connected,” Christine said.
“Here at CM Lawyers we try to keep the staff mentally well.
“We’ll have a meal together in the office adhering to social distancing procedures, of course, and then start a conversation asking everyone how they are doing.
“If you have noticed a friend, family member, client or colleague is acting or sounding differently or if you know they are dealing with extra pressures or challenges, trust your feelings and take the time to ask them ‘Are you ok?’.
“Just simple chatting can help make a person feel better.”
Christine has also seen the demand increase in people wanting to get their affairs in order due to the worry of living in a pandemic.
“We have seen more domestic violence issues creeping in too and have no hesitation in referring clients to a GP or psychologist for support.
“We also work hard to keep everyone physically safe and have sanitiser throughout the office, extra cleaning and masks and gloves for staff and clients to wear.”