How play boosts learning

DESCRIBED as an incredibly powerful tool for children, Granville East Public School’s K-2 Learning Centres are based on research that play builds on students’ curiosity and ignites learning while simultaneously developing investigative, interpersonal and language skills.

Deputy Principal, Instructional Leadership, Nicole Tainsh said the Kindergarten Learning Centres focused on developing oral language skills through a mix of ‘role-play’ sites such as Dinosaurs, Farm, Cafe, Doctor’s, Construction, Storytelling and Post Office.
“We have about 20 different centres and we are adding new ones regularly to respond to student interests and needs,” she said.
Year 1 Learning Centres focuses on students as self-regulated learners and include artists, musicians, authors, explorers and inventors.
Year 2 Learning Centres focuses on guided inquiry, with children taking on the roles of historians, geographers, authors, engineers and journalists.
“From the outside, two children playing in a ‘cafe’ might not look like deep learning,” Ms Tainsh said.
“However, instead of seeing play food and dress ups, consider the play the children are engaged in like taking on the role of chef, waiter, customer; learning and using new words and phrases as they order food and take orders; creating and reading menus; writing specials; communicating orders to the chef; following and writing recipes; counting out money and so much more.”

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