Hospital cleaners praised for scoring five-star rating

WHILE the pandemic has put plenty of extra pressure on cleaners everywhere, the pride they have in each other as well as the job has helped Auburn Hospital’s cleaning team hit a five-star rating.

A recent survey showed 97 per cent of patients at the hospital were happy with the cleanliness of their room and General Services team leader Roseanne Smith says hospital pride is a common attribute across the 39-strong team at Auburn.
“Our hospital is unique, we’re extremely family-oriented and the majority of the staff have been here for many years, she said.
“We take great care of one another and protect one another. Everyone loves coming to work.”
Walid Assoum credits his 19 years of dedication to the hospital to the support he received after a spinal cancer diagnosis in 2012, with Ms Smith and his colleagues checking in on him throughout his illness.
“I don’t know how to thank them,” he said.
“I needed about a year off work and everyone was absolutely supportive at every level the whole time, from management all the way down.
“I was excited to come back to work. I started just two hours a day and slowly built up to full time. I couldn’t walk for four months; I can’t believe I’m walking today. It’s a miracle to be honest.”