High rise appeal to include local voice

A SUBMISSION outlining Cumberland City Council’s concerns about the $525 million Crescent Parklands development proposed for Holroyd, will include the results of a community survey carried out last month.

A vocal critic of the proposed development, Mayor Steve Christou says the council’s concerns largely relate to its impact on existing amenities and the “traffic chaos” he believes it will create.
“This massive development proposal will transform the site into more than 1,200 units, which are up to 28 storeys high – situated just off the already-congested Woodville Road and M4, and near Parramatta Road,” he said.
“At council, we assess every proposal on its merit and we support smart planning. We believe this proposal will create high-density development in the wrong location.”
However a Crescent Parkland spokesman told the Review last month that both Transport for NSW and their own traffic experts agreed that proposed road upgrades would operate below their theoretical capacity with or without the development.
He said they looked forward to receiving feedback from the community, much of which had been “very positive”.

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