Seniors deserve the best

AUDI Hearing Clinic Sydney has made it top priority to take care of the elderly in the community, with founder and leading audiologist Tania Audi saying, “our seniors deserve the best”.
After completing a Bachelor degree studying rehabilitation of children with special needs and support of elderly, Tania underwent a Masters degree of clinical audiology, working in several hearing organisations.
“My experience has shaped me to appreciate the blessing of health and to advocate for the importance of hearing preservation and prevention of hearing loss to avoid dementia,” she said.

Established over 20 years, the clinic offers hearing services for children and adults, hosts education seminars at aged care facilities and conducts hearing screening during home visits and at community centres.
Tania says a health professional’s joy is when an elderly person at an aged care facility is able to hear a loved one over the phone or becomes responsive instead of being isolated.
“It’s also very rewarding when a client is able to sleep restfully because the ringing in their ears has subsided or being able to resume daily life after vertigo has been managed,” she said.
“An annual check up is vital but book immediately should concerns arise.”
With the clinic at several locations, including Punchbowl, bookings can be made at or by calling 8764 3772.