Guard against injuries

Broken jaws, fractured, cracked or dislodged teeth, cut lips and tongue wounds are among the seriousinjuries sustained by NSW sports participants every year – injuries which could be avoided by wearing asuitable mouthguard.
So with most community sport restarting shortly, the Australian Dental Association NSW (ADA NSW) and the NSW Waratahs have united to urge sports participants of all ages to help protect against potentially serious and costly dental injuries by obtaining an appropriate mouthguard from their dentist.
“About 60,000 Australians are hospitalised every year with sports injuries,” ADA NSW President Dr Kathleed Matthews said.
“Sports-related injuries account for nearly 40 per cent of dental injuries, yet only about a third of Australians wear a mouthguard when playing contact sport. We see injuries occurring in all sports and not just during games
“Serious dental and mouth injuries can occur at any age, be costly to fix, sideline you for a long time and in serious cases can need a lifetime of treatment. Unlike bones, broken teeth do not heal and can require complex procedures like root canal treatment, crowns and implants to restore.
“Dentists had to close or offer restricted services during the COVID-19 outbreak, but now these restrictions have been lifted it is safe to visit for routine care. There’s still time to make an appointment with your dentist before the season restarts and obtain the best mouthguard for yourself and your children.”
Dr Matthews said custom-fitted mouthguards made by a dentist, which work by absorbing and spreadingthe impact of any damaging blows, are most effective.
“Self-fitted, over-the-counter mouthguards, including what are commonly known as boil-and-bite mouthguards, should not be the first choice,” Dr Matthews said.
“A mouthguard custom-fitted by your dentist is far superior as it is specially designed to fit the exact contours of your mouth, is resilient, balances your bite and allows speech and normal breathing.”
NSW Waratahs star Maya Stewart said it was vital sports participants wear an appropriate mouthguard.
”Playing a contact sport, we have to be really careful with protecting our teeth so we wear professionally-fitted mouthguards at training and in games,” Stewart said.